Fulfillment Service


We at the branding lab are always looking to innovate & offer unique all-in-one experiences for our customers, and we have done that with our fulfillment services where we will store, pick, pack & ship orders for your e-commerce business. While fulfillment services are not an innovative product, bundling this service with our marketing & website expertise, we can fully scale your business under one roof. If you prefer to just use our fulfillment or website services and prefer to boot-strap your social for the most bang for your buck, we can do that as well! 

Fulfillment services can typically come with complicated billing structures & hidden fees. We have simplified our pricing structure to prevent hidden fees for the entrepreneurs we work with and be as transparent as possible. Our fullfilment fees will revolve around the following main points although could be subject to change depending on your specific business requirements:

1. Storage - We charge between $ 0.50 to $ 1.00 per month per cubic foot of storage requirement. 

2. Pick & Pack fee - We will charge between $ 2.50 and $ 2.75 per order picked & packed. 

3. Packaging Material & Boxes - This is calculated based on your product line, we will judge based on your companies individual requirement for packaging. This can be discussed in further detail with our Founder Michael over an exploratory call for these services. We would evaluate your products, what packaging will be needed to package them safely and what size boxes will be needed. In many cases we try to save our customers money by getting USPS boxes which are free and using USPS's flat rate shipping services to save you the most amount of money possible. 


We handle many services for our clients in the automotive & car care industry such as website creation and social media marketing. Naturally having a one of a kind fulfillment service is an opportunity to make us a one of a kind all-in-one agency that can fully scale & run your car care brand. If you source your detailing products from Renegade Private label or one of the other private label companies, we can help store & ship your orders on a daily basis so you can focus on marketing or other parts of your business.

We have ran and scaled many brands in the automotive, trucking & off road markets & this is what we LOVE to do. We have developed a system of marketing, creating content and shipping out orders that is seamless & proven. We take our same winning formula and implement it into all of the clients that we work with. We are lucky that we get to be picky on what customers we have time for and we make sure all of the clients we take on get white glove service. 

To inquire about our fulfillment services, social media marketing or website services, please contact our founder Michael Marques. 

Michael Marques